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This month, I completed my fourth year as a mother.

A mother who knows zilch, as no amount of comprehensive tutorials is comprehensive enough to cover all parts of motherhood. I’m just winging it, I guess.

And this month, she also completed her fourth year of being the daughter of this clueless mother.

What a journey she’s had! Imagine going to a scary, unknown place, guided by someone who’s also a newbie.

But she’s very brave. And smart. And funny. And silly. And annoying. And adorable.

She asks questions and tells stories. She can count to 15 but then gets confused after that. She knows the alphabet but often forgets what N and P are. She refuses nap time but then dozes off five minutes later.

She’s amazing.

Happy birthday, K. Thank you for putting up with me.

19 June 2022
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