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Printed or Digital? | DarlaOct.com
Last year, I became so obsessed with reading that I could finish up to five books in a month—which, to me, was a personal record. To achieve that record, I used to bring a book everywhere. There was always a book in my bag. It wasn’t a problem if the book was not too big, but then I read Red Queen and the book was quite big that I either had to carry a big bag or leave the book at home. I was quite annoyed back then.

This year, I don’t read as crazily as last year, but I still read. But due to that practicality problem, I started to consider getting myself an e-reader, so I would be able to carry books around without having to use big bags. However, another problem arose; I wouldn’t be able to do the thing I love the most: smelling the books. Haha!

So, after weighing on all the pros and cons, I decided to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab. I figured that I need to bring an Android for my small business anyway, so why not just upgrade my old Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime to a tablet, right? And so I did.

I also found out that book prices are like super cheap on Google Play Books compared to the printed ones’, so it’s a win for me. But I still occasionally buy printed books, though, because I still need to smell them :p

Now, what about you, fellow bibliophiles? Which one do you prefer: printed or digital?

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26 April 2018
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