Books I Finished in March

Books I Finished in March - Hola Darla
My husband reminded me to start controlling my spending on books because I spent almost 1m for books alone last month! Isn’t that crazy? He keeps sending mixed signals, though, because he’s actually the devil behind it all. Whenever we are in the bookstore he’s all like “Just buy it!” every time I touch a book. I hate him! (Also I love him for that LOL)

So, anyway… Here are five books I read in March:

Agatha Christie's Witness of Prosecution - Hola Darla
I normally loathe it when a good book gets its movie/TV cover, but this one literally caught my eyes right when I walked into the bookstore (they’re so damned smart at displaying!) I regret buying this book because as I read on I realised half way that I actually had read all the stories. Compulsive book shopping is not good, kids!

2. 20 Cerita Detektif Diambil dari Majalah Bobo: Lukisan yang Dapat Mencuri

20 Cerita Detektif dari Majalah Bobo - Hola Darla
For Indonesian 90’s kids, Majalah Bobo is a part of our childhood. It’s a kids magazine with short stories, comics, science articles, etc. This book is a compilation of 20 detective stories taken from Majalah Bobo. I’ve been thinking about writing stories for children, so I read this book for inspirations. All of them are actually quite simple but I can see that children will get absorbed to the stories. I love all the stories!

3. Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries Series by Robin Stevens

Robin Steven's Murder Most Unladylike Series - Hola Darla
Oh my god this series! I’m so so SO in love with these books. I was looking for A Study in Charlotte at the bookstore when I saw these colourful books on display (again, they’re so smart!) They didn’t have A Study in Charlotte so I picked one of these colourful books to read the synopsis on the back cover. Turns out, it’s a detective series too. It’s about two school girls who form a detective society and solve murders together. I bought the first one of the series (the blue one), took it home, and finished it in 6 days. Then I bought the second one (the green one) and finished it in 2 days! I also finished the third one (orange) in 2 days. I was obsessed, okay?


That is all for March. As for this month, I’ve already finished two books so far. I’m currently reading two books and yesterday two more books I ordered online had arrived on my doorstep. It’s gonna be a busy month!

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13 April 2017
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