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A home tour blog post is like one of the most popular posts that every single blogger from every single niche seems to do. Pinterest is most likely to be blamed. I mean, who doesn’t go swoooooonnnn whenever they browse Pinterest and seeing all the pretty home decors, am I right? So, writing a home tour post has always been in my mind since I started blogging in 2009. Eight years later, I still haven’t done it. My house has abundant natural light and it will certainly look good if only I have the creativity (and also the money and the patience) to decor it like those rooms on Pinterest. Also, my house never seems to be tidy enough to be photographed and shared to the whole blogoland. So, while I was trying (so hard!) to tidy up, I got this silly idea to just take pictures of these messy rooms and created this post!
Messy Home Tour: Living Room | Hola Darla

Messy Home Tour: Bookcase | Hola Darla
Above are the pictures of my messy living room. Like its name, this is where the ‘living’ is mostly done. I have a fairly small TV (not pictured), a set of jati (teak) chairs and table, a small bookshelf, and two pillows in this room. The wall is empty. I’ve been meaning to get some of our pictures printed, but somehow I never do.
Messy Home Tour: Bedroom | Hola Darla
And this is my bedroom. This one is probably the tidiest part of my house because there are fewer things here than in any other rooms, so it’s easier to keep everything in its place.
Messy Home Tour: Office | Hola Darla
I’m in the middle of tidying this room and sorting things, so it’s super messy in this picture. This one is supposed to be my home office, where I do my freelance work and also keep up with this blog, but it has become some sort of storage room and a sun room for my cats. The window in this room is very big and facing the east so it’s very warm and full of sunlight in the morning. The cats like to lie around with their bellies exposed to the sunlight in this room.
Messy Home Tour: Cleaning Supervisor | Hola Darla
Bonus picture of my tidying up supervisor. Ungil was spayed ten days ago, so she still has that funny bald patch.
Messy Home Tour: Kitchen | Hola Darla
This is the kitchen. I haven’t done a lot of cooking since my husband moved out, so it’s been a little bit abandoned, except for all those dirty dishes that I used to eat instant food and takeouts. I’m doing them all in a minute, don’t worry ;p
Messy Home Tour: Laundry Spot | Hola Darla
Messy Home Tour: Bathroom | Hola Darla
These are the laundry spot and the bathroom. The laundry spot is messy because it’s actually being used right now. And my bathroom is seriously in need of a major makeover, don’t you think?

I guess that is all for right now. I’m going to do another home tour when the rooms are already pretty, LOL!

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3 May 2017
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