Thank You, 2016. And Good Bye!

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Lunch at Magic Wok, Jalan Kesatriaan Bandung | Hola Darla
We all agree that 2016 has been very hard for most of us, but I’m not gonna lie; 2016 has plenty wonderful things too.

It’s the year I met Chop-Chop. It’s the year I went through my quarter life crisis. It’s the year of good movies. It’s the year that my blog grows in terms of sponsorship.

It’s been a challenging year, but surely God knows what we are worth and how strong we are, and look at us now! We’re alive. We’re breathing. And that’s the most important thing to be grateful for.

I’ve made several plans for 2017, but mostly I’ll leave it up to fate. Wherever 2017 will take me, I’m ready to adjust my sail. If 2016 has taught me a thing, it’s to not force anything.

Have a nice holiday & a happy new year!

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25 December 2016
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