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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | Hola Darla

Rogue One hasn’t even been in the cinema for one week and yet I have seen it twice. TWICE! That’s how obsessed I am. That’s how awesome it is. That’s how wonderful it is to be alive in this era; an era in which we get one Star Wars movie each year.

That’s why no matter how I try, I don’t think this post will be spoiler-free. I’M STILL TOO EXCITED!

As I said in the previous post, I knew next to nothing about Rogue One before watching it on its premier date. Turns out, it wasn’t a big deal at all. When I went to watch it for the second time, I brought along my little sister who hasn’t watched any Star Wars movie. She asked a few questions during the movie, but overall the story is very easy to follow.

Rogue One was based on that one line in the crawl at the opening of A New Hope. It tells a story about how the Rebellions get a hold on the Death Star plans. It also explains why Death Star has a ridiculous flaw in its design. One of the scientists who help to build the Death Star is Galen Erso. At the beginning of the movie, he was living in hiding with his family, but he was caught. His wife was killed and his young daughter escaped. He surrendered then agreed to work on the Death Star. He intentionally put that flaw as a revenge. When the Death Star is almost finished, he sends a message to Saw Gerrera and his daughter, Jyn Erso, telling them about the flaw. She then sets off on a mission to steal the plan from the Empire’s data bank (or sort of; I forget the name lol). They successfully get the plan and transmit it to the Rebellions before they… *SPOILER!!!!* are blown up by the Death Star, along with the whole planet. The movie ends with Darth Vader chases after the rebels who retrieve the plans then hand them to (young!) Princess Leia; just a few minutes before the opening scene of A New Hope. (I’m not gonna talk about how I squealed like a little girl when I saw young Princess Leia.)

Saying this movie is amazing is perhaps a great understatement. Because it’s beyond amazing. I’m mesmerised by how modern technology can make this movie possible, what with Tarkin and Leia, while also maintain silly low-tech things that we can see in the original trilogy, e.g. wired headphones. I also love how they kill everyone while also give each death a meaning. They all die for a better future. That last scene on the beach when Jyn and Cassian hug is so beautifully wrecking. We can see how deep their love for each other is; they just met, then they decided to trust & fight alongside each other.

Rogue One is 100% heartbreaking, yet you’ll love it. You will absolutely love it.

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19 December 2016
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