Thank You and Good Bye, 2017!

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Skyscrapers in Jakarta 2017 | Hola Darla

By the time you’re reading this post, I will be halfway through my trip round Java with my husband. We started planning this trip right before finding out about the pregnancy. Thank goodness that I’m already through the first trimester at the time of the trip. It ends up being some sort of babymoon for us, but that’s a story for another post.

In 2017, I didn’t write as many posts that I did last year, so I decided not to put a round up of links. Instead, I’m writing the thing that I am most grateful for this year: It’s this baby inside my belly.

I hope everything goes smoothly and perfectly for us in 2018. I’m both excited and anxious about what changes 2018 (and the baby) will bring to our life!

Happy New Year, friends!

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29 December 2017
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