Wonder Woman Movie Review

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Wonder Woman Movie Review | Hola Darla
You might have been already sick of me saying how I don’t like DC and how I’m more of a Marvel kind of girl. Remember how I fell asleep while in the movie theater watching Dawn of Justice? No, wait, I didn’t write a review for Dawn of Justice, did I? Well, I guess no one is surprised that I enjoyed Wonder Woman, though. Yes, that’s right. Wonder Woman is the first movie in the DCEU that didn’t make me yawn. Not even once. Well done, ladies!
Wonder Woman Movie Review | Hola Darla
Set during the World War I, Wonder Woman is the best back story of a superhero so far (yep, even compared to those of Marvel’s). Diana has been training her whole life to fight, but she lives in a peaceful, tropical island of Themyscira, so that made me wonder why and how she ends up fighting in the WWI. Turns out, Themyscira is located not too far from the war zone and is actually invisible in the middle of the sea unless you come sailing (or flying) right into the territory. Steve Trevor, an American spy working for the Brits, flies in a small plane and crashes into the sea near the coast of Themyscira. Luckily, Diana spots him as she is running from her mother while crying near a cliff on the beach (cheesy yet classy LOL). She saves him from drowning, but the fleet that is pursuing him soon arrives at the beach and a fight breaks between the German soldiers and the Amazons. The Amazons kill all of the soldiers and Steve is brought to the palace and interrogated using the Lasso of Truth (kind of like Veritaserum but more practical). He tells them about the war. Diana believes that the war is caused by Ares (the god of war). She steals the Godkiller sword and leaves Themyscira with Steve. Believing that Ares disguises himself as a German general, Ludendorff, Diana goes to the front line, accompanied by her squad (#squadgoals, everyone!)

Wonder Woman #squadgoals | Hola Darla

Okay. At this point, you must have heard a lot of good things about Wonder Woman, so I don’t even know how to put it. I just… really, really love this movie! I had high hopes before watching it because everyone on Twitter said it was gonna be awesome, and also everything about Wonder Woman screams “GIRL POWER!” and “FEMINISM!” and you know what? It is good. It is awesome. I won’t compare it again to the previous movies in DCEU because it won’t do them justice; heck, I won’t even compare it to any other movies because Wonder Woman is in a whole different league. Everything else will find it hard to compete because Wonder Woman has set the bar sky high (I’m looking at you, Marvel!)

So, if you haven’t watched it… why? It’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to the mankind. You don’t want to miss it. Go watch it! Go, go, go!

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15 June 2017
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