2017 So Far

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Dengue Fever's a bitch | Hola Darla
I started 2017 very late because earlier this year I contracted Dengue Fever and had to stay in bed for almost two weeks. We were in Pesawaran at my in-laws’ place for the long holiday and I got ill just 2 days before our schedule to go back to Bandung. We had bought the bus tickets & there was no way we could reschedule it, so I had to bear the 24 hours bus ride home while also being super sick & having no appetite at all. It was a torture 🙁

But I’m all well now & I’ve started working again this week. The hoouse is no longer a mess & the cats are all happy because their litter boxes are cleaned regularly again (husband kept forgetting to clean it hahah)
Ungil the little kitten | Hola Darla
Speaking of cats… My dad adopted a little kitten two months ago. We call her Ungil (literally means Smol). She is the kitten of either Ojon or Omin (Jessi’s stray brothers) & a female cat that lives in my parents’ neighbourhood. She was abandoned by her mother since she was very little, so she still lacks basic cat skills like using the litterbox & grooming. Because of that, she has been staying with us so that she can interact with Jessi & Chop-Chop. Jessi hates her, obviously, but Chop-Chop took her like his own kitten. They play chase all night & Ungil has learnt how to groom herself from Chop-Chop.
Read more books in 2017 | Hola Darla
I don’t make a formal list of resolutions for 2017, but I will try to read more books this year. I didn’t read many books in 2016 & I honestly didn’t feel like myself because of that. I used to finish at least one book a month, so for this year I promise myself that I’m gonna finish at least 12 books.
Wisata Hutan Kota Talang Indah Pajaresuk Pringsewu | Hola Darla
Happy 2017!

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19 January 2017
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