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As of lately, I’ve been . . . .

Launching Menaq | Hola Darla
. . . . launching Menaq. My headscarves label has finally been launched in early January! You can see the catalogue on our Instagram and Facebook Page, or you can add our Line@ account 🙂

Going Swimming with Husband | Hola Darla
. . . . going swimming.

Going Swimming with Mata Ilmu's Managerial Staff | Hola Darla
. . . . going for more swimming.

Trying to Master Makeup | Hola Darla
. . . . trying to master the art of makeup. And failing miserably. I mean, look at those eyebrows! *sigh*

Sniffing Books | Hola Darla
. . . . sniffing books. Best smell in the world! If there were book-smell perfume, I’d totally wear it.

Taking Care of Two Cats | Hola Darla
. . . . taking care of TWO cats. Yes, Jessi got an adopted little brother! I found a stray kitten about ten days ago. It was dark and raining and this little fella was crying. I didn’t have the heart to leave him like that so I took him home. I’ll write more about him later this week. More about him here.

Working in Terminal Coffee | Hola Darla
. . . . working. I took over the position of finance manager at Mata Ilmu, so I’ve been super busy with the sheets.

However busy I’ve been, I still don’t think that January went away like a blink of an eye. In all honesty, I think the exact opposite: January felt like 300 days! The new year felt like a hundred years ago haha… But 2016 has been really kind to me. I hope the rest of the year will be too.

Oh and have a nice February, friends! 😉

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1 February 2016
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