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Weekend Links is back again! Man, how I miss writing these links lists. I miss the entire Internet because I have been sleeping doing other things that I don’t have much time to explore the interwebz. These articles may not be new to you, as I’ve been catching up with what I’ve missed these past few weeks, but hopefully these are the ones you’ve missed to. Haha :p


  • Since the word ‘selfie’ was invented, the act of taking one’s picture by oneself has been considered as something abnormal, e.g. a sign of chronic narcissism, etc. Kam’s point of view in her post about mirror selfies and how reflections tell better story is something to think about.
  • As I may have told you before, I was born with absolutely no artistic skills. I’ll spend the rest of my life envying people like Amanda and Will, who recently did a makeover for their bedroom by painting forest wall mural. How did they do it?!
  • Starting an online business just like I am? Here’s something to keep in mind: Online “Success” And “Failure” Don’t Look The Way You Think.
  • An interesting read about how the US is smaller than you think it is.
  • People in my country are crazy about “favourite schools”. But whose favourite are they? Parents’ or their kids’? *written in Bahasa Indonesia

What interesting articles have you found on the Internet lately? Share them with me! Put it in your comment, tweet me the link, or shoot me an email 😉

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4 July 2015
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