Likes & Dislikes: Ant-Man

Likes & Dislikes: Ant-Man | Hola Darla
For the very first time in years, I didn’t watch Marvel movie on its first showing day. Ant-Man was released one day before the Eid. There was no way for me to go to movie on Eid eve, so I had to skip the premiere. It was such a bummer, given the fact that I had a straight record of seeing the premiere. Haha!

Ant-Man tells the story of Hank Pym, who invented a substance called Pym Particle which can shrink human into an ant-like tiny form. He shut down his own research because he saw that his invention could potentially create chaos in the world. However, he needs to use the particle again when his protegee, a young scientist named Cross, gets closer to finding hiw own shrinking substance. Hank is already too old to become Ant-Man, so he chooses Scott Lang, a criminal freshly out of prison for burglary. The two men along with Hank’s daughter create a plan to steal Cross’ invention to stop it being exploited by Hydra.


+ It’s refreshing to see smaller (both literally and figuratively) Marvel movie. After seeing London and Sokovia being destroyed in previous MCU movies, seeing Ant-Man saving the world by fighting Cross on top of Thomas the Tank Engine is super entertaining. Ant-Man is a proof that superhero movies can be fun and don’t always need to be depressing (remember Age of Ultron?)
+ I love the father-daughter relationship in this movie. Not only the relationship between Scott and his daughter, Cassie, but also the one between Cassie and her mother’s fiance, Paxton.
+ I know both Hank and Scott are good looking as hell, but my all-time favourite character is Luis! His best scenes are the Dubsmash-like ones. Haha!
+ I also love the part where Falcon shows as a cameo. “It is really important to me that Cap never finds out about this.” Hilarious!
+ But my version of the best scene is of course the one when Siri plays Disintegration by The Cure. Classic yet techie joke.


– It’s less funny than any other installment in MCU. It’s even less funny than The Amazing Spider-Man.
– I don’t really know Paul Rudd. I didn’t even know the name Paul Rudd before Ant-Man. And I think his acting is flawed. There are several lines which should have been funny but came out just wrong, IMO.

That being said, I’m glad Ant-Man will be joining the Avengers in the next movies. But I’m also sad because Ant-Man marks the end of MCU Phase 2 and the Phase 3 won’t start until next year. That’s okay though, we will have Mockingjay Part 2 later this year 😉

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27 July 2015
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