Likes & Dislikes: Out Of The Wasteland (Lifehouse Album)

Out Of The Wasteland Lifehouse Album Review | Hola Darla
2015 has been so good to me as both my two favourite bands released an album when 2015 has only been 6 months. Earlier this year, Fall Out Boy released their sixth studio album. I wasn’t very excited and I didn’t like the album. They sound so different now than when I first found out about them and fell in love with their From Under The Cork Tree album. I understand that a band should evolve and become “more mature”, but it’s just not my taste. I didn’t post a review about American Beauty/American Psycho, because I knew it would be all negative.

Now, back to the awesomeness that Lifehouse’ new album, Out Of The Wasteland. Their previous album, Almeria, wasn’t really appealing to me and I gave it a bad review when comparing it to Boys Like Girls’ album. My argument was the same as why I didn’t like Fall Out Boy’s album: it didn’t sound like them. Almeria was a failure for me because it sounded so different than their previous albums. Out Of The Wasteland, however, has made me fall in love since the very first track, which is also the first single of the album, Hurricane. The whole album sounds like a nostalgia to me. All tracks bring me back to my teenage year where I used to stay in my room listening to Lifehouse’s self-titled album. It reminds me of being young and naive. The lyrics are also quotable; all my friends are probably already sick of my posting quotes from the album on my Path account. Haha!

Honestly all I can tell you about this album is just one word: AMAZING!, but here are my favourite tracks:

Hurricane – The lyrics feel personal to me. The lines “We made it through hell and back again” and “it just gets better” remind me so much about our struggle during our first year together. This song will be quoted by me for a long, long time to come. Haha!
Flight – The piano intro reminds me of one of their old songs, but I can’t really put my fingers on it.
Firing Squad – The intro and the lyrics make me want to stay up late and watch the sunrise.
Stardust – My #1 favourite track of the album! I love Bryce’s voice and he sounds even much better than he did in Wrecking Ball (in Smoke And Mirrors album). Glad to have two talented vocalists in one band.
Alien – The music sounds like Easier To Be (in Who We Are album) and I love it! Second favourite in this album.
Central Park – This one reminds me of Stanley Climbfall (in Stanley Climbfall) and Walking Away (in Lifehouse), but the lyrics isn’t as depressing. My 18 year old self would love this song very much. It’s a good song to listen to in the middle of the night (I don’t know why, though).
Hurt This Way – Hurt This Way sounds like a country song. I’m not really into country, but I like this one so damn much!

What do you guys think? Well, I can go on and on but I’m sure this whole post can be summarised with only one line: “This album is good so yeah go buy it, kids!” 😉

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11 June 2015
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