Spontaneous Family Trip to Jogjakarta

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My dad has always been full of surprises. One Saturday morning when I was in eleventh grade, he woke me up and said “Get up, dear. We’re going to Pangandaran.” I packed my bag, took a bath, and we left our house an hour later. That was the very first time I went to Pangandaran.

Last Sunday morning, he did that again. He told the whole family that he was going to Jogja to attend a meeting and asked us if we would like to go too. My mum had never been to Jogja, so she was in. But since I had a meeting on Sunday afternoon, the trip was postponed until the next morning. On Monday afternoon, the four of us arrived in Jogja.

Dad’s meeting was on Tuesday. While he was away, the rest of us stayed in our hotel room all day. It was sunny out there and we couldn’t stand the heat, so we decided to go shopping after dusk. We took a stroll around Malioboro and bought some stuffs that night. The next day, we checked out from our hotel early in the morning and left to Mendut and Borobudur. We didn’t stay very long there as it was so very super hot! We left at around 10 AM and went straight home. Twelve hours of driving and then we were finally home. The cats were super stoked to see us back (A fed them and took care of them while we were away. He’s the best cat daddy, ever!).

That was perhaps the only thing I like about this whole unemployment thing. It could possibly be the last spontaneous trip I could join, though, since I just got a job in an educational institution. I’ll start on Monday. It feels so fast but I really hope I can do it. Here’s to being a (real) adult!

9 May 2014
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