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After living in a super fast pace last month, I finally have some room to breathe now that my paper is (almost) finished. I now have time to watch TV series again (yay!!!) I can’t say that I’m a fan of TV series, but there are some that I’ve been following. Here are four series that I’m currently watching.

Trophy Wife (Season 1)

I was flipping through the channels on my cable when I stumbled upon this show on Star World. At first I thought it was that kind of drama with family conflicts like Mistresses or Desperate Housewives, but then I decided to watch it anyway. It turned out to be a sitcom and I really liked it! So I went browsing for the whole series and now I’m on episode four.

Elementary (Season 2)

When I first found out about this ‘American Sherlock’ on Tumblr, I thought “Damn you, Amurrica. Can’t you just leave British series alone and come up with fresh ideas?”. And then the news came out that in this ‘American Sherlock’, Watson would be a female. WHAT???!!! But when the pilot of the first season came out, I watched it and instantly fell in love because it was not like Sherlock (BBC) at all. Joan Watson also made the story even more fresh. I got so hooked up on the show and now I’m one episode behind in the second season.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 1)

My boyfriend and I are huge fans of Marvel’s films. We’ve watched all the films in their Marvel Universe and our favourite is, of course, The Avengers. We jumped with excitement when we found out that Coulson was still alive and that he recruited several people into his special team. Now it has become a routine for us to watch this show every Saturday night.

House (Season 4)

I started watching House when the final season was airing in the United States. I used to watch four episodes per day, but then college took over my time and then I completely abandoned the show after finishing season three. I picked up season four and started watching again. Now I’m on episode twelve.


I think I should also put Downton Abbey here as an honourable mention. I used to worship this show, but I stopped watching mid season three because I got spoiled with the Christmas Special, found a shocking ending, and then abandoned the show, vowing to never watch it again. However, last week I chatted with a friend who is also a fan of Downton Abbey. We talked about it and I got hit by nostalgia. Perhaps I’ll start watching it again sometime soon.

So if you watch one or more of these shows, can we talk about how OMGWonderful!!! they are?

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5 March 2014
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