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Hello! This lazy blogger is finally back again! Where have I been, you might ask (or not)? Nowhere in particular. I just caught up with this whole commuting thing. Living an hour away from the city where we work makes the commute time take most of our time, I guess. There’s a lot of things I could have done instead of sitting behind my husband on our daily motorcycle ride to the city doing nothing. It’s been almost 10 months but I’ve just realised about this time consuming commute these past weeks. I love the house where we live in and the neighbourhood and the small town, but perhaps we need a place closer to the city. There’s still a lot to figure out.

Well, anyway… It’s October again! It’s my and this blog’s birthday this month. I had planned to throw a blog birthday party by holding a giveaway, but life got in the way and I didn’t finish the planning. Next year, I promise 😉
Tutoring | Hola Darla
Miss Jess | Hola Darla
Laskar Pelangi + Cappuccino | Hola Darla
Mirror Selfie Using Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime | Hola Darla

While I was away:

  • I started tutoring again! After months without explaining grammar and reading strategies, this brain can finally breathe again. I teach two boys and one girl on two separate tutoring schedules. I’ve missed being called “Miss Dara” by students 😉
  • I’ve been craving for novels and reading materials. And because money is really tight this month, I finally started reading Laskar Pelangi, a novel that I actually bought in 2008 but never read up until now. Crazy, huh? Haha!
  • I bought a new phone! It’s a Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime (a review coming up soon). It’s a mid-range phone and not too pricey, but it’s the reason why money is really tight this month.

How are you?

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7 October 2015
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