[TRAVELING] the road trip and ‘Garuda di dada (ayah)ku’

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Today, my family and I went to Majalengka to visit an old acquintance of my dad, finally went out of the city for the first time since, like, forever. Majalengka was very nice! Though I like Sumedang much better, I consider Majalengka as one of the towns I want to live in.

As soon as we arrived, it started raining cat and dog. And the thunders were terrifying =[

We only spent an hour there. At 4pm, we really had to leave and go home since our national football team would be playing against Malaysia at 7pm. Unfortunately, there was an accident on our way back home. Don’t worry, it wasn’t about us, though. But the accident created traffic jam, so we were stuck there for an hour or so.

We finally made it home at 9pm. At that moment, our team was already lost 3 points to Malaysia. My dad was disappointed. He had worn the INDONESIA polo shirt all day. Haha!

Anyway, I just want to say that the Malaysians were cheating. Their supporters used laser to distract our players! Boo ya!


26 December 2010
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