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Finally, I have a working internet connection.

Finally, Pitch Perfect 2 is showing in my country.

Finally, I saw it yesterday.

Yes, guys. Finally.

I really liked the first Pitch Perfect and have been obsessed with the soundtrack. I marked my calendar so I could see the premiere show of Pitch Perfect 2, but it wasn’t released in my country until a few days ago. But I finally saw it yesterday evening and… it was disappointing. At least for me.

Pitch Perfect 2 is set about three years after the first movie. The Bellas are in their senior year (except for Chloe, who is a super senior, after ‘refusing’ to graduate for three years) and their latest performance in front of the president is a huge disaster after Fat Amy’s failed solo performance, where she accidently rips her outfit, revealing her vagina to the whole nation. The incident costs them their tour and the only way that they can make amends is by winning the world championship. Their road to the world championship is not that smooth: their main rival is Das Sound Machine, an intimidating German a capella group; and Beca’s main focus is not on it, as she is interning for a music producer. The Bellas lose their voice and Chloe decides that the group needs to go to a retreat to find it. Will they find it? Will they win the championship? Well, it’s actually easy to guess but still, I won’t say it here. Go and watch it by yourself! :p

To me, Pitch Perfect 2 feels like a bridge from the first movie to the third one (not officially announced, but you’ll understand what I mean after watching). The characters are shallow. After what happened in the first movie, I was expecting more of Beca & Jesse, or other Bellas’ personal story. But no. Jesse is just a supportive boyfriend who drives Beca on her first day interning and who screams “That’s my girl!” in front of the stage at the world championship. The movie introduces a new character, a freshman Bellas legacy who clearly will be the new lead in the third movie. But even she doesn’t have her (back)story explored. The other Bellas are just accessories, except for Fat Amy. Honestly, Fat Amy is the star of the movie! She and Bumper (who comes back to Barden University as a security guard) are secretly in a relationship. Fat Amy is the only one who made me genuinely laugh throughout the movie. She deserves a spin-off, IMO.

So, generally speaking… Disappointing. Not funny. Probably will re-watch only for the sake of Fat Amy after the DVD is released. Two out of five stars.

Have you seen Pitch Perfect 2? Did you enjoy it or are you as disappointed as I am?

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4 June 2015
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