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Man, living with no internet connection is like living under a rock inside a cave. I’m not actually a person with FOMO, but let’s be honest here, I can go a day or two without checking my Twitter or Instagram, but one week is too much. I have yet to solve this issue but I’m still trying. Bear with me!

But I’ve still managed to collect a few links. Enjoy!

  • Flying or invisibility? Kristin’s post has made me wonder. I’d take flying, though. How about you?
  • Cat ladies, assemble! These tips on how to get better photos of your kitties needs to be bookmarked, like, right now.
  • I’m not intending to make my blog go full commercial as for now, but I’ve been saving useful tips like this one about writing sponsored content. Just in case, you know… (Hey, brands! Hi!)
  • Speaking of sponsored content, my childhood hero, Hilary Duff, released a new music video for her single, Sparks. It’s been criticised and dubbed as a big commercial for Tinder. I honestly like the song and I cringed at the video. What do you think?
  • Ramadhan is closing in (less than a month!) and so is the Eid. I like shopping but I’m not a fan of Eid shopping because everybody seems to do it at the same time and so it’s crowded and hot. I’m going Eid shopping from home this year. You know, just sitting in front of the computer and choosing pretty (+modest) dresses from Zalora. Oh the joy of living in the digital era! (See? Internet connection is my basic need!)

I haven’t been in your blogs for a while, so let me know what you’ve been up to this week! Did you have fun?

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24 May 2015
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