Thoughts on Season Finale: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

WARNING: This post may contain major spoilers.

So it’s finally here. The season finales of the series I watch are coming. This week is that of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and holy birds was this a good finale! As the previous episode has hinted, this finale tells about the war between the Inhumans led by Jiaying and SHIELD, though I’m not sure if it’s okay to call it a ‘war’ since it looks pretty much just like a small fight but with so many deaths.

All through the season, I wasn’t sure what to feel about Jiaying. While I was pretty sure that the Inhumans meant no harm at all, I couldn’t decide whether Jiaying was a friend or foe. The previous episode proved the latter when Jiaying killed Gonzales with a Terrigen crystal and then shot herself to make it look like Gonzales tried to kill her. The Inhumans believed her, even Skye at first. But thank God she can see her mother’s true colour when Jiaying is murdering Raina (Yes, folks. The Flower Girl is dead.)

Jiaying and the Inhumans then attack SHIELD’s ship while Coulson and Co. are busy dealing with Cal’s crazy prower. Here’s the funny part: Coulson gave Cal a pep talk and after all those episodes of Cal hating Coulson, Cal finally teams up with Coulson for the sake of Skye/Daisy’s safety.

Meanwhile, Ward and Agent 33 have captured and are now torturing Bobbi so that Agent 33 can have some “closure”. Now, there are romances that make you go “Aww…” and there are the ones that make you want to vomit. Ward and Kara’s relationship is the latter and I must say that I’m glad to see Kara dies in the hands of her own boyfriend. Props to Agent May for coming up with that plan! A few episodes ago, I thought that the team should have forgiven Ward and let him back, but turns out the team was right not to trust him again. He’s such a dick.

Back in the ship, Cal is confronting his wife to try and stop her from executing her plans. Coulson, Mack, and Fitz are trying to stop Gordon from teleporting the Terrigen crystals inside a box. Fitz gets to say the “Science, biatch!” and eventually kills Gordon, but in his last moments Gordon still tries to kill every non-Inhumans on board by dropping a Terrigen crystal. Coulson drops and catches it with his left hand which quickly turns into stone(?). Mack has to go to the rescue and quickly chop Coulson’s arm off. Literally, you guys! And then Coulson screams.

Outside, Skye is trying to stop her mother but Jiaying insists on carrying on with her plans. She tries to absorb her own daughter’s soul and when Skye tries to stop her with her quake power, Cal comes and kills Jiaying instead, saving Skye from the horror of killing her own mother. Poor Cal. I’ve always liked him but I love him now.

The conclusion: Coulson now only has one hand. Skye will go find other Inhumans. May is going on a vacation. Bobbi and Hunter may leave SHIELD. Ward is heartbroken (turns out he really loved Kara) and now tries to rebuild HYDRA. Mack is staying. Cal was put into TAHITI program and now lives as a vet and has no memory of Daisy. Fitz finally asks Simmons out and she says yes!!! But then she is dragged into the alien’s substance and we don’t know what happens to her yet.

I like how the finale actually concludes the whole season. It serves well both as the second season conclusion and the third season premises. While I must say that I don’t want Raina gone, looks like she really is gone because the actress gets a bigger role in another show. Also, I hope Lincoln will be a regular next season. I need more cute guys in the show (aside Coulson). I can’t wait for season three!

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15 May 2015
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