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Changing Lane

Life is crazy. Like, the craziest thing I’ve ever done. I’m sad to see a lot of my favourite bloggers have started to go AWOL. The ones who’re staying have started to become unrelatable and in turns also become annoying. Remember when blogging was easier? Like when we can just write a post about what …

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EN movies Thoughts

Deadpool is Not for Kids!

There’s been an uproar here in my country regarding the release of Deadpool movie. Some parents (and by ‘some’ I mean lots of them) demand that the government ban Deadpool because it’s “not suitable for children”. They claim that their children are “curious” and want to watch the movie because “all their friends have watched …

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EN Friendship Life Thoughts


Six years ago, I got into a huge fight with a girl on Facebook. I called her “slut”. She was an ex of my (then) boyfriend who wouldn’t stop texting him. I was so annoyed by her presence and I got super mad. After several weeks, we started insulting each other on Facebook. When I …

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