eating EN Jurasik Fest weekend

Jurasik Fest 2015*

I just love Bandung so much. Like, so, so much. Bandung is a food heaven; even with hundreds of cafes and restaurants everywhere (some are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week), Bandung still offers you food festivals every other weekend. If last month I told you about Keuken, now I’m telling you …

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Eating: D’poer Pizza and ShinMen

On Sunday morning, Afief and I had a brunch at D’poer Pizza. It’s a small pizzeria in Kopo, Bandung. We had two small pizzas, garlic bread, and soft drinks. I love D’poer Pizza because their pizza crust is hands down the best pizza crust I’ve ever tasted (even better than that of Pizza Hut and …

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